Daily Newsletter by NFT Newspaper

This unique project is a private club reserved for Web3 specialists (developers, CEO, CTO, CMO, designers, etc.)

The idea is to create the most experienced community around NFTs: this community will then be able to develop new projects with a team of 10,000 NFTs specialists.

The mint is reserved for people with an access code to the mint page (to get the code, you have to fill in the questionnaire of the selection process here).

Free drops are made every week to worldwide personalities active in NFTs (major influencers, star designers, CEOs of big NFTs projects, etc).

The value of a project often depends on the quality of its community: here the community is the best you can find.

For the lucky ones who join the club, the mint of a Geek Robot is 99 MATIC.

They have to keep it for at least one year to get a certificate of first membership and help the community to grow with their personal means (social networks, discord moderators, development of internal projects, etc). They can proudly display ‘Geek Robot community member’ on their social network profiles.

All details of Geek Robots Private Club – here. (and Twitter: @geek_robots)

Note: Geek Robot is an innovative project highlighted by NFT Newspaper.