Private Club for Web3 Lovers & Builders

Who ?

We are building a community made of 10,000 Web3 actors (Devs, CEOs, CTOs, COOs, CMOs, Designers, Influencers, Journalists, etc). 

Why ?

Together we will launch new Web3 projects to help the World. (create the biggest Web3 community, the best Crypto for All on our Planet, international DAOs for environment, peace, and only good valuable Web3 Tools). 

When ?

ASAP 400 to 500 Web3 Leaders will get a Geek Robot Drop & invite Web3 Lovers & Builders (sharing to them a Access Code to Mint one Geek Robot) until 10,000 are sold out. (349 MATIC / Geek Robot)

Immediately after collection is sold out we will start launching ‘Baby Geek Robots’ (collection of 50,000 NFTs to create the biggest possible community worldwide), Token creation plan, and create groups to launch unlimited projects (metaverse, social media, games, etc). 

How ?

One Web3 Leader (like Gary Vee for instance) has a huge power to help the world. Our Team will be made of 10,000 Web3 builders, including Leaders: we will go to the Moon for Real. 

Limited Time

Our growth will be exponential. First weeks Web3 Leaders will join slowly one by one, and after a communication from a few huge Leaders the 10,000 Geek Robots can be sold out within a few hours. 

Web3 Lovers and/or Builder ? Ask your Mint code:


Most frequent questions and answers

No Road Map: community will decide our secret Road map soon. 

Anyone with a code can mint a Geek Robot. Codes are provided on request and after selection process: only Web3 best gurus (best devs, CTO, CMO, COO etc… and their Web3 friends are allowed to receive codes)

Belong to the most skilled community in Web3 world: all is possible together. 

With time, some non Web3 expert collectors can acquire Geek Robots on the second market: a ‘first holder’ certificate will be dropped for free to all level 1 owners as soon as 10 000 Geek Robots are minted.

The first advantage is to be able to create within Geek Robots projects of a unique strength thanks to our combined forces (our Team will be 10 000 Web3 specialists!). The 2nd advantage is to receive drops of NFTs from other members of the community who use our group to launch projects (free drop to initiators to communicate and launch their activity: example of Stepn who did a free drop of 10 000 sneakers to the first users).