NFTs for Fun or More ...

In this section, you will find NFT projects reserved mainly for collectors.

The projects are diverse (opened for minting or not yet, detailed road map or not, known or anonymous creator, etc.)

What they all have in common is that they have all been validated by NFT Newspaper, which gives them a lifetime guarantee of publicity on our site and our social networks.

Their visibility will increase as NFT Newspaper develops.

The acquisition of these NFTs is often very risky: only invest in projects that you like.

Geek Robots

Geek Robots

Oldest One !

The special characteristic of this collection is that it is the first to be validated by NFT Newspaper. It will always be the oldest. This is usually very appreciated by collectors. This is the Bitcoin of NFT Newspaper! 🙂 Affordable because of low fees (Polygon Network): 99 MATIC.

Infos about upcoming NFTs for Fun or More: