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WWE Will Launch its First NFT Collection Today

WWE’s NFT marketplace, ‘Moonsault,’ is ready to sell its first NFTs. The company collaborated with Blockchain Creative Labs ( a Fox Entertainment studio) to sell over 10,000 NFTs (limited edition). It will also feature the WWE superstars from Hell in a Cell premium live event that’s about to be telecast this Sunday. 

WWE Announces the Date of their NFT Collection Debut

Scott Zanghellini, Senior Vice President, WWE, and Scott Greenberg, CEO, Blockchain Creative Labs, made the announcement of the WWE NFT marketplace on June 2. 

Hell in a cell live event

The press release featured the date of their first official NFT collection debut, i.e., June 3, Friday, just before the gimmick-based Hell in a Cell 2022 premium live event. It also stated that after the event, the NFT flips would change into 10 to 20-second video highlights of all the superstars who appeared on it. It will be sold in cases of three. 

The NFT collection will hold 10,000+ NFT flips, and each of them will have one WWE superstar from Hell in a Cell event. It will be sold at the NFT marketplace, Moonsault, in cases of three, with each of them minted at $30 per case. Moonsault will be supported by an eco-friendly blockchain technology from Eluvio

Buyers will have to create a digital media wallet through Eluvio. They can buy or trade the NFTs using cryptocurrencies or credit cards. 

WWE and Fanatics Become Partners for NFT

In March 2022, WWE and Fanatics came together to launch their NFTs. Fanatics is a licensed sports apparel company that also deals with NFTs, trading cards, and other merchandise. 

Last year, Vince McMahon, chief executive officer of WWE, in collaboration with Fox Entertainment, announced their venture in the NFT world. The first 10,000 people who created the wallets were provided a free Moonsault Genesis NFT. This free Moonsault Genesis NFT currently costs around $1.47 million. 

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