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What Does WokenWine Do

For those NFT fans loving to immerse themselves in a good glass of wine, here comes the perfect combination –  the NFT Wine Marketplace

WokenWine has announced, coming June 2022, they would use the blockchain technology to launch an NFT Marketplace for the World’s greatest wines, and improve the traceability for some of the rarest wines in the world.

How Will NFT Wine Marketplace Work

On a consumer side, the platform will enable wine enthusiasts to invest in some of the world’s finest wines with no risk of fraudulent imitations. 

Besides, by utilizing the WokenWine integrity scoring system, a consumer will be able to trace the wine’s journey every step of the way, from bottling to the free port storage, including its authenticity and conservation while transitioning to the customer. 

WokenWine announces an NFT Wine Marketplace

On the vintner side, by becoming part of the platform, a dedicated marketplace, wine merchants will be able to increase and improve their sales with the ‘direct-to-consumer’ approach and an online, peer-to-peer model. 

Finally, besides the wine lovers, WokenWine marketplace will be available to the collectors and investors alike. 

Some of the world’s finest wineries have already partnered up with WokenWine, such as  the domain of Comte Liger-Belair, whereas others can also join the WineWoken community through Instagram, Twitter, or the Discord.  

At the time of this writing, the launch takes place in 62 days, so set your reminders!