Daily Newsletter by NFT Newspaper

While all web3 enthusiasts are wondering what will be the next leading projects in 2023 and 2024, NFT-City.io has just unveiled its Road Map and a very complete project that is perhaps the model for future Metaverses.

Here are the explanations: we interviewed the team, who explains the first details of this very ambitious project.

What is the difference between NFT city and other metaverses?

The main difference is interoperability.

Indeed, as Mark Zuckerberg pointed out a few days ago in his annual conference, the future of the Metaverse is not a single virtual world, but a multitude of virtual worlds that will coexist.

NFT City will be a complement to META, by offering visitors to own 100% of their land in the blockchain: they will choose to use this land as a gateway to other Metaverses or will be able to develop modules directly on this land.

The interest of NFT City for brands, professionals and even individuals is that the map is modeled on the real world: there is a marketing logic and an important attraction for owners to have a land similar to their location in the real world.

When does the sale of lands begin and at what price?

The lands mint is open to everyone: for $1 (price at launch), everyone can own a 3m x 3m plot. At the beginning almost the whole world map is available, so the first ones will have more chance to get rare lands (big cities, monuments, sport stadiums, etc).

However, our communication will be mainly targeted on a case by case basis to our potential partners (companies, brands, influencers, communities, associations, etc.) who wish to acquire a land corresponding to their location in real life or to a symbolic place for them.

Communication to the general public will begin in early 2024.

What are your other projects in 2023?

We will build the community of the first NFTCityzens (the name of the actors of our community).
We want to create an international, friendly community that can exchange without paying a fee: everyone is accepted, even without paying, our discord is open to everyone and the status of NFTCityzens is offered to everyone.
We believe that there is no need to invest a lot to enjoy web3, learn and exchange with a rich and friendly community.
For NFTCityzens who wish to invest, they can buy their first land from $1, and soon acquire a genesis collectible or useful tokens for the project.
But once again, being an NFTCityzens means saying GM to the community every morning on Twitter or Discord, and having fun chatting together and meeting new friends among other NFTCityzens!

Who is the founder of the project?

The founder is a European entrepreneur who has developed companies in the media and real estate sector in several countries (Asia, Europe, USA). Even though the company’s current headquarters are in Estonia, the team is international.

He knows well the importance of real-world land location for businesses (commercial real estate), individuals (residential areas), and everything that surrounds real estate: the links between individuals, companies, associations, sports teams, cultural events etc.

Through this project he wants to develop a rich community that enjoys meeting new friends every day. The tools of land, collectibles, token, Metaverse, etc. will help the community to live unique and joyful experiences.

More infos: click here for NFT-City.io official links