Daily Newsletter by NFT Newspaper

Remember the iconic statue of a girl in front of a bull in New York? Yes, the Fearless Girl!  The famous sculpture is now also available in three NFT collections of digital artwork. 

The main message behind the collection is gender collaboration, supporting the gender diversity in decision-making process for what research in the 1960’s claims to bring better results and greater prosperity. 

Just like in financial matters, the gap between gender investments in cryptocurrency is significant, hence the Fearless Girl NFTs are also hoped to encourage and inspire the female gender to invest in this novel field. 

While the Superstar Collection Option 1 has already launched, the Option 2: Digital Arts Only, will launch on May 24th and includes the full size bronze Fearless Girl and Artist Proof Auction. Additional information about the auction can be found here.

The very same day, digital art lovers will be able to immerse into the Stargazer Collection as well, when the first hundred NFTs  of each trading card will be released.

For 5 cards collected, the participants will also receive a Fearless Girl photo signed by the Artist, whereas for seven you may win the Superstar Collection micro movie portraying the Fearless Girl evolution.

Set your reminders for May 24th!

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