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What is the Plan

Square Enix has shared their plans to invest in Web3 Gaming industry and issue the NFT tokens following the success of the NFT Pilot on Shi-San-Sei Million Arthur cards battle game.

The Japanese-owned conglomerate has stated in their Q1 Earnings Report that they see a vast opportunity for further growth in the gaming segment through digital NFT-centered transformation.

The entertainment giant has announced that the company will broader their presence in the blockchain industry, issue, manage and invest into their own NFT tokens, and establish the relevant guidelines and regulations.

Million Arthur NFT pilot

About Square Enix

Square Enix Holdings Co., LTD. is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan and leads under its portfolio the Square Enix Group, offering a wide range of entertainment content and service businesses.

The group has two brands under its umbrella, Square Enix® and Taito®, acclaimed for publishing and licensing content world-wide, and its development studios located in Japan, Europe and North America.

The group is widely known for its diverse portfolio of business and intellectual property Final Fantasy®, Dragon Quest® , Tomb Rider® and, Space Invaders®.

The company’s Corporate Philosophy states that ‘each customer has their own definition of happiness’, while the group aims to deliver the content and service in a manner of enabling customers to create the unforgettable experience in pursuit of their source of happiness.

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