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Spike Lee Launches an NFT Collection Based on His Debut 

Famous American filmmaker Spike Lee has partnered with content incubator The Visible Project to launch an NFT collection of Lee’s first feature film, “She’s Gotta Have It.”

This full-length debut features Lee playing the role of Mars Blackmon

In the movie, 3,945 NFTs were made out of the original frames. 

The new NFT collection will be launched on The Visible Project’s site on the Ethereum blockchain. 

The Visible Project serves as a platform for filmmakers to communicate, inspire and support each other. 

Moreover, everyone who will buy NFTs on the platform will be able to vote on movies that should be financed by The Visible Project.

Lee says NFT is a new experience.

Lee says that NFTs and Web 3.0 are a whole new experience to him. 

He adds that he is in a winning position with this. 

As per the details available so far, the iconic filmmaker will be the mentor for The Visible Project. 

He will curate the winners of the competition. 

Eliot Greene, the co-founder of The Visible Project, says that the elimination of middlemen in the film production industry will help with the development of the arts. 

He says he is making a decentralized film studio that will finance short movies directly. And each NFT is worth a vote. 

The director also plans to organize The Visible Festival to showcase content from the project as well as other films and art.

Web3 helps achieve creative freedom.

To sum up, the main goal of the new project is to democratize and decentralize the current film industry. 

Web 3.0 is an easy-to-use tool that helps achieve this goal. 

According to Alexander Gorgi of Habitat Labs, a Web 3.0 startup, the company’s goal is to introduce a world that brings together all creative brands, artists and storytellers. 

He says that the company provides its partners with all resources necessary for the growth of the community, telling their stories, and inspiring future generations.