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Phantasma and Curate Comes Together to Expand Smart NFTs

Meta Description: Phantasma and Curate have formally partnered with the objective of smart NFT expansion in the center.   

Recently, Phantasma partnered with Curate to expand the smart NFTs. While Phantasma will anchor the smart NFTs to the cross-chain mobile wallet from Curate, Curate will use these NFTs in a brand new P2E game Xcursion. 

For those who don’t know, Curate is the world’s first NFT marketplace app. It works on the blockchain network, X-chain, and offers multi-chain support. To access the mobile app features, one has to use XCUR utility tokens.

Curate, a Useful Application for NFT Marketplace

Curate, at present, possesses around 11 cryptocurrencies and provides valuable features to trade NFT within different chains. It is also secured with useful metrics to help with user involvement. 

Phantasma and Curate Partnership

Now that Phantasma has partnered with Curate, it’s going to be more profitable for the mobile NFT industry. This partnership will help the NFT tracing (in the application) to use both SOUL and KCAL TOKEN. This will also make Curate one of the main names for smart NFTs. 

Game developers, currently, are more drawn toward the programmable smart NFTs. That’s because these smart NFTs are beyond the first-gen NFTs. Phantasma can come up with embed cross-capability in the tokens. 

This plan is also useful because it will allow the users to buy and trade immutable versions of NFTs. If the users want to access the smart programming, they can switch back to Phantasma. Put simply, it will help you access the smart features of both ecosystems. 

The combination of both Curate and Phantasma is a great move in terms of interoperability. Curate will work as a base for both marketing and recognizing the products where NFT flexibility is required. 

The partnership also has other benefits like the layer-1 network of Phantasma with smart NFTs, which is perfect for gaming. Then there is a carbon-negative ecosystem, which is applicable for developing Curate’s Xcursion. Also, there is Workinman Interactive, which allows the game to be developed in PVP and PVE modes.

In the upcoming days, Curate will provide an all-new physical goods marketplace secured with web3 features. It will allow users to buy goods through cryptocurrencies.

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