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What is Metaverse Summit

Metaverse Summit is a two-day event composed of three stages: conference & exhibition; investor lounge & startup pitch; and networking event including an exclusive party.

The summit takes place on July 16-17th, in Paris, and will be comprised of a range of activities, speeches, workshops and expert presentation.

The event is dedicated to elaborating and exploring the Metaverse possibilities, and will bring together the brightest from the spheres of Web3, VR, Gaming and many more to share their insights.

Besides, the event participants include number of companies and startups presenting in the exhibition hall, or showcasing their project, while also seizing an opportunity for networking, collaboration, and finding talent.

The Lineup is comprised of dozens of greatest minds in Metaverse, artists, investors, and entrepreneurs, among which Ryan Gill, Hideaki Uehara, John Karp, Benoit Couty, Sarah Buxton, Boris Kesler, Louis Cacciuttolo, and other.

Metaverse Summit Tickets and Schedule

The tickets are available in three tiers: Metaverse Explorer (Early-Bird) (sold out), Metaverse Guru, and Metaverse VIP & Investor pass (5 left at the time of publishing the article). The benefits and the price of each tier can be found here by scrolling over each ticket tier.

Finally, the Metaverse VIP & Investor pass holders are invited to an exclusive party following the event.

When it comes to the event schedule, some of the speaker topics are: Metaverse 101, B2B Metaverse & Investor, Web3 & Decentralization, Gaming & Real Time 3D, Social Impact & Regulation, Mixed reality & Virtual World, and Social & Digital Identity.

See you at the Summit!

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