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NFTN Robots are 11,470 collectibles dedicated to NFT Newspaper project: we will provide unlimited value to NFT lovers: News, Metaverse, Learn, Develop, Etc.

Each NFTN Robot holder will get unlimited benefits: life free daily newsletter, Baby NFTN Robot Drop, NFTN Tokens Drop, Metaverse Land Drop + many WL and drops of external projects (as we will be a leading Media for NFT Industry). 

Probably one of the most valuable NFT to mint in 2022, linked to an ‘infinite value providing project’. 


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Our team is made up of NFT lovers. More details soon. 


Daily Giveaways


Same, Daily Giveaways !


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Within the 24 months after NFTN Robots Public Sale. Owners have to keep their NFTN Robots to get a free NFTN BAYBY Robot drop. 

We will offer daily Giveaways (and a few will be NFTN Robots). To win, read infos in Twitter and Discord