Daily Newsletter by NFT Newspaper

This project is our official project, central to the development of NFT Newspaper.
Our main priority is to develop the most important media on the subject of NFTs.
The owners of this series will be the first to follow us, and we hope that in many years they will be seen as the visionaries, on par with the first Bitcoin holders.

Sale date: 2022, date to be determined

Discord: https://discord.gg/rV4EFvJM6Z

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NFT_Newspaper

Main benefits:

  1. Huge upcoming community with a limited number of NFTN ROBOTS
  2. a very long-term project, backed by a strong company
  3. Giveaways Drops to NFT holders (other NFTs, tokens, etc)
  4. gifts to come in time: NFT holders will not want to sell it right away to wait for the gifts
  5. many, many more benefits to come !