NFTN METAVERSE is a project like The Sandbox but dedicated to content providers. 

Content creators using today Youtube, TikTok, Instagram etc. will have an additional solution to offer their content: NFTN METAVERSE.

They will either own their land or rent it from a landlord to share their content.

Listeners will be able to find a channel by browsing the Metaverse, or by using traditional search engines.

Although codes of conduct will be in place to ensure that illegal content is not accepted, each land and content owner will own their assets.

The sale of the first plots of land is planned to start at the end of 2022.

A White List will be open to selected content creators and international and national media wishing to acquire land at the opening.


There has been no communication about the project, but we already have daily requests to join the White List.

The price, start date and white paper are not yet done.

The White List selected users will be able to:
– acquire the lands at a discount before the public sale
– choose your lands before the public

To be on the White List you need to:
– mention the project + the other features (NFTN ROBOTS, Geek Robots open for Mint if still available, NFT LAB) in a very positive way in a Youtube video. (2 minutes minimum)
– add the following links: ( | under your video
– send the proof in the form below

You will receive:
– an entry in the White List for 1 or more presentations in your videos (minimum 10,000 total views spread over one or more videos)
– a free land drop for every 25,000 views (you can cumulate views on several videos about the project). Value of a land during ‘Public Sale’ will be about 1000 USD. 

This offer can be modified at any time, but in case of modifications you will still have one month to send us your results.

Important: don’t forget to mention ‘Geek Robots’ and to indicate that the mint is open, otherwise your request will not be validated.

Thank you for your trust, see you soon in NFTN METAVERSE.