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NFT to Host Simon Fuller’s Pop Group Now United 

Meta description: This film will be available to NFT holders on the OP3N app, which was launched back in 2021.

Simon Fuller’s global pop group, Now United, which was launched in 2016, will perform in an interactive live-action musical film on OP3N. OP3N app was launched by the co-founder of 88rising, Jaeson Ma, as an umbrella for his organization, i.e., EST Media Holdings.

More About the Musical on OP3N NFT Platform

This project is partnered with Culture Catalyst. It is a $100 million initiative to fund and support the entertainment, arts, and culture projects on the Avalanche blockchain

The musical is created to motivate schools to make their own version of performance and win the contest on the OP3N platform. According to Simon Fuller, this project “redefine how an audience can engage with content.” He further mentioned that the project could be simply enjoyed as entertainment and also inspire people to participate and create their own versions of musicals.

NFT pass holders can easily access other content of the film, like rehearsals, choreography lessons, and interviews, through the OP3N app’s native video and music player. The application will field submissions for the competition and allow voters to vote for the winner. 

The $100 million initiative was announced back in March when both OP3N and Avalanche partnered together. It also includes other projects like “intergalactic children’s metaverse book” by Grimes and Ava Max’s next music video, directed by Joseph Kahn. The book is supposed to release by this year.

As per Jaeson Ma and Eric Tu (Chief executive officer, EST Media Holdings, Inc), the main reason behind the partnership with Avalanche was their allegedly eco-friendly blockchain. He further considers Avalanche to be an environmentally responsible solution and how they can’t wait to support Simon Fuller and his pop group Now United “realize their vision for interactive entertainment” with the same. 

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