“You have an NFTs project? We can be your partner. ”

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create up to 10 000 unique random NFTs !!!

The first agency specialized in NFTs!

We can manage the project from A to Z (communication, marketing, tech, blockchain, mint, sales, etc.)

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We offer 3 types of partnerships

Depending on your budget (from 0 to 300K€) and your project, we decide together on our collaboration:

100% Agency

If you wish to finance and subcontract the entire project, we are your subcontractor from A to Z.


If you would like to partner with us to split the costs and benefits, there are different ways of dividing the costs.

No Risk

If you want to spend 0€, we can offer you a zero risk solution: you get a lower % of the profits. (after acceptance of your project)

NFT LAB Design Agency

“Our design team draws hundreds of detailed lines for each NFT. We love NFTs!”

Iana P. | NFTs Design



“Partnership projects are the best. NFTs have an incredible potential, join us now!”

Degen, CEO


“I have launched the discords of big NFTs projects, social networks are my passion.”

Faiq A. | Growth Marketing Strategy

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Your Project, Our answers

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We do not have a maximum limit, however for all NFTs to be unique, enough different traits are needed. A number of 10,000 is fine, but we can do more on request.

Once the design is completed and validated, we can generate the collection of NFTs within 24 hours.

We work with 80 developers, 30 designers and 450 social media networkers.

A complete NFTs project through to a successful sale costs around €300K and generates around 10 times that.However, we can take care of all or part of the investment depending on your project. Please contact us for more information.