Mr Kas was born in Porto (Portugal) in 1980.
His passion for art began at a young age with his father, also a painter, who had a big influence on him throughout his childhood.

People and their feelings, their lives, their stories, their circumstances – are his main inspiration. 

As international street artist who has taken parts in a huge number of street art festivals. More than 50 countries across the World saw him painting in live. 

Discover exclusively his series of NFTs!

MrKas is cooperating with NFT Newspaper’s technical and digital team to create unique and random NFTs that will be etched in the Polygon (MATIC) blockchain forever. NFT LAB collaborates with the world’s leading artists and brands to offer high quality projects to collectors. 


PreSale: (people in White List Only)

Public Sale: (according to availability)

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Most frequent questions and answers
  1. Add MATIC to your wallet (read below where to buy MATIC)
  2. Click ‘Connect Wallet’ (Polygon Network)
  3. Select the Quantity (Maximum 10)
  4. Click Mint Now (validate the transaction in your Wallet)

The easiest are and (easy transfer to Metamask Wallet)

Metamask is the easiest wallet. You can add it using Chrome extension

It’s easy: here is a article explaining how to add Polygon Network on Metamask. 

Yes, you NFTs will be visible and tradable in official collection in and after mint. 

All new biggest Metaverse projects (Thesandbox,, etc) are developed on Polygon MATIC: the blockchain is the same than ETH but there is almost no Gaz Fee. MATIC & SOLANA will be the only 2 main blockchains for almost all new projects within the next 2 years. Minting is almost free (compared to ETH where each Mint is about 150 USD). 

No, each NFT is randomly generated and is unique. You don’t know which one you will mint. After mint you can sell it / buy other ones in or other marketplaces.

Maximum Mint is 10 NFTs in one time. (Save Gaz Fee by minting many in one time)