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Big Momma’s House Actor Martin Lawrence Starts Selling His Cardano-Powered NFTs

Martin Lawrence has sold his very first NFT from the Cardano-Powered “Martin: The Reunion” NFT collection for 3000 ADA tokens. Back on June 7, he made an announcement that he would be releasing a Cardano-powered NFT collection with 30 unique pieces. This was during a conversation on Twitter Spaces with Patrick Tobler (CEO and founder of NFT-Maker) and Charles Hokinson (co-founder of Ethereum blockchain platform and Cardano blockchain).

Martin Lawrence and His Interest in Crypto World 

During the conversation between Martin Lawrence and Charles Hokinson, Lawrence said that he got into the crypto world a couple of years back. It was his team who brought his attention to NFTs and cryptocurrencies

On asking about his first impression of NFTs and crypto, Lawrence said that he wants to learn about the same. That’s why he is excited to partner with their company. 

Lawrence then described his Cardano journey as something that “caught us all by surprise.” He didn’t expect Cardano to play such an important role in the NFT. 

He also said that they all worked hard to come up with good asset standards. They didn’t have any expectations of NFTs being large, although they had the idea that they were community-led. 

Lawrance also added that around 40% of the 1000+ Cardano-based projects are NFT-related. At present, there are 5 million assets that are sent out as Cardano, and they have “remarkable transaction volume.”

The monthly sales are nearly $270 million (as per the last three-month average). Although it seemed an “unexpected surprise” for Lawrence, he did understand that “in hindsight, it all made perfect sense.” He said that eUTXO model, in particular, made it look easy to do an airdrop, and it was also low cost to manage and issue things that are coming by.

Lawrence finds NFTs interesting because he thinks that there is something in the Metaverse that’s just for people. About his future disclosures, he said that he would be creating 30 unique one-of-one NFTs. He will also be announcing something special soon. 

On June 10, Lawrence made an announcement that he is selling his “Martin: The Reunion” NFT collection on www.martincnft.com. He further mentioned that the NFT-holders would be invited to attend the Hollywood premiere of “Martin: The Reunion” on June 15. The TV movie will air again on Black Entertainment Television on January 16.

The 30 NFTs of Martin: The Reunion collection are designed by artists from Disney, Warner Brothers, NFT space, and others. The location and time for the Martin: The Reunion premiere will be revealed to the buyers through airdrop to their wallets on June 14. 

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