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Bella Hadid Launches CY-B3LLA NFTs and Enters the Metaverse

Part-Palestinian supermodel and environment activist Bella Hadid has announced her first NFT project named CY-B3LLA. With this, Hadid has become the newest A-lister on the list of Hollywood NFT stars. 

The project has been in the process for several months. As of now, the team has not revealed the mint day of the project. However, it has been disclosed that the project has ten series of 11,111 NFTs. The most impressive thing is that collectors will be able to access real-life events and locations worldwide, where Bella will meet holders.

In addition, the project will let holders access digital experiences. Holders will get keys to Hadid’s private metaverse mansions. In addition, they will enter exclusive legacy brand collaborations with the catwalk star. The team or the star has not disclosed further details about the brand collaborations or the mansions. However, the team may reveal additional information in the next few weeks. 

On her Instagram account, Hadid stated that each NFT consists of unique 3D scans of the model. She added that the project would encourage community, travel, growth, human interactions, and fantasy. 

The Project Heard Worldwide

For the project, Hadid has partnered with reBASE, the company known for developing geo-based minting technologies. They said this collaboration is not focused on an endorsement but rather on developing something with a more positive impact on the world.  

Hadid and reBASE plan to drop NFTs in geo-fenced areas worldwide. NFT holders will need to physically visit the specific locations to unlock these airdrops and claim associated rewards. The CY-B3LLA NFT will serve as the passport, granting an entry into an intimate community whose goal is to connect human beings in a new global country that celebrates diverse cultures.

Local artists have handcrafted the NFTs for each location to give an authentic cultural touchpoint. Holders will not require traveling for the initial drop. The NFTs will be available through the project’s official site.

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