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Actor Seth Green Lost Bored Ape Ape Yacht Club NFT

Seth Green lost his Bored Ape NFTs after being attacked by an apparent phishing scam. This unfortunate incident came off as a nightmare for Green as the NFT was supposed to be in his upcoming animated series. As per his speculations, the phishing attack might be led by any person, foreign financial conglomerate, or scam house. 

Seth Green Lost Bored Ape

Through his series White House Tavern, Green wanted to visualize a world that isn’t considerate of appearance but only attitude. But, due to the current situation, he has lost his show’s lead, i.e., a Bored Ape called Fred Siman. Now, the usage rights for Fred Siman do not belong to Green anymore!

About the Phishing Attack

Speaking about the incident, Green, on May 8, announced that he fell prey to the phishing attack and lost two Mutant Apes, a Bored Ape, and a Doodle. While the Mutant Apes were sold for $42,000, the Bored ape was sold to a collector called DarkWing84 for $200,000.Later, the NFTs were shifted to a collection called the GBE vault. 

As per Daniel Dublin (tax and litigation attorney), the current owner of the Bored Ape can further complicate the issue for Seth Green as he has commercial usage rights now. That’s because NFT projects are allowing their holder to commercially adapt their work. While this is useful for brand visibility, there are legal concerns associated with it.

Seth Green knows about such problems, and that’s why he is putting his best efforts into reclaiming the Bored Ape. He has tried tweeting DarkWing84 and requesting them to sort things out! As of now, it’s still not known whether DarkWing84 is aware of the Bored Ape being stolen. 

OpenSea (an American NFT marketplace) has frozen all his tokens after Green’s announcement. The other NFTs owned by Green have been marked as “suspicious activity. However, they don’t have the authority to freeze NFTs on decentralized blockchains. Earlier also, OpenSea has faced allegations and lawsuits from owners due to phishing attacks.

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