Daily Newsletter by NFT Newspaper

Our Mission:

  • Our sole mission is to create the largest community around NFTs: the more we are, the stronger we will be. 
  • We will offer important advantages for ‘Early Adopters’ (Giveaway Rare NFTs, priority for WL, Etc)
  • We will create partnerships with thousands of NFTs projects: together we will be informed in priority and we will get the best benefits!

Our Team:

  • Our team is made up of people motivated by our mission: to create the largest community around NFTs
  • We are recruiting new highly motivated people every day: if you have ideas or value to bring to the project, you are welcome!
  • Our CEO has created very important professional communities in Asia (media and F&B) and in Europe (Real Estate). Today, all his energy is focused on this new project. 

Our Company:

  • International Growth OÜ is a company specializing in the rapid development of professional media and communities. (Active and Value Communities)
  • We use White Hat growth hacking methods only to develop solid and serious communities over the very long term. 
  • With NFT-Newspaper.com, we want to create the first worldwide community around NFTs (professionals and individuals)